K10 cold snack unit with low or high, straight, glass fronts in the following versions (measurements in mm): 1000/1250/1500

The K20 cold snack display case is availablein versions with high straight glass, high curved glass and low straight glass with counter, and all hinged at the bottom. The linear modules measure 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000 mm in length and have a 90° open corner, come with or without condensino unit and reserve cell. All modules of the cold snack service have an anti-condensation glass and the glass sides are flush with the steel tank to prevent all infiltration of air.

Linea S Cold Snack display: available with an upper or lower presentation surface for arranging bottles or gastronorm trays. Equipped with tempered glass panes in the VAD 1500 mm, VBD 1250 mm and VSELF 1500 mm versions and can be optionally equipped with a protective pane of glass. Ventilated refrigeration with an operating temperature of +4°C/+8°C in the 1000/1250/1500 mm sizes.

P40 ventilated, cold snack unit with fixed top and cold storage unit in the following versions (measurements in mm): 1000/1250/1500



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