The linea S, can be used with all H951 mm counters and customised with all of the finishes from the LAI range the S is a display case dedicated to today’s type of bar: premises that are increasingly more equipped also to offer customers the chance to enjoy a quick hot meal during their lunch breaks.
Available with three types of glass framework: low at 1250mm or high at 1500mm and closed or open or in other words, with self-service opening on the customer’s side.
Services: with ventilated refrigeration, dry heat version with a shelf in tempered glass and screen-printed conduction element or humid heat version fitted with perforated plates or gastronorm trays with fully integrated plumbing for filling and draining.
Furthermore the Cold/Hot display case can change its function at the flick of a switch: ventilated refrigeration with +4C° - +8C° range working temperature or dry heat at 65°C with the addition of the heated top fitted with armoured resistor.



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