K30 pastry display case with fixed top or removable drawers in the following units (measurements in mm): 1.000/1.500/

Linea S confectionary display: ventilated with automatic defrost. Available in the linear versions of 1000/1250/1500 mm in height, and in the VBD (1250 mm h) and VAD (1500 mm h) double-height versions. The operating temperature within the display case is of +4°C/+8°C.

P80 ventilated, pastry display case in the versions with fixed top or drawers and in the following units (measurements in mm): 1000/1500/2000/

P81 ventilated pastry modules that can be channelled to each other to provide an endless number of variations. Four lengths available (1.100, 1.600, 2.100, 3.200 mm) and rounded modules at 30 open and closed; 45 open.

P82 pastry display case comes in the following linear (1100, 1600, 2100, 3200 mm) and curved (30° AA/AC 45° AA) units.

Matrix ventilated, pastry display case with three refrigerated shelves, patented, in the following units (measurements in mm): 1.000/1.250/1.500/

PQuadro pastry display case is fitted with a ventilated refrigeration system with single air supply. The working temperature on the display surface of the pastry display case ranges between +4°AC/+8°AC display case, with adjustment from an electronic control panel. PQuadro VAD pastry display case with fixed top for the linear units 1100, 1600 and 2100 mm, is also available with refrigerated shelves Lit By LEDs.



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