The technology
of refrigerated cells

1. Bar counter construction: our refrigerated bar counters have a tubular steel frame, an epoxy powder coating baked on at high temperature, and adjustable feet for perfect levelling.

2. Insulation: our refrigerated cells are insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foams, 40 kg/m3 density.

3. Refrigeration: our refrigeration system is made up of a hermetic compressor, equipped with a valve for adding gas, if necessary. The environmentally friendly gas "Freon R404a" is used for refrigeration. The system is tested at 32C and at 60% ambient RH. The temperature of the refrigerated cells is regulated by a LAI-personalized electronic control panel.

4. Finishes: the interiors of our refrigerated cells are finished in Aisi 304 18/10 stainless steel with bright polished BA surface, and have rounded corners for easy cleaning. The fronts have a bright polished BA finish stainless steel facing and the doors and drawers are refrigerated. The stainless steel doors have a 180 opening and the drawers are fitted with a large, personalized handle in die-cast aluminium. The external side walls of the refrigerated cells are faced with plastic laminate.



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